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We’re committed to paying you on time, and to help us to do so, there’s a wide variety of support and advice available here.

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hg0088管理e - invoicing

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e - invoicing

Contact us - Meet Kay!  

hg0088管理meet kay, our new supplier chatbot. kay can help you on variety of topics around invoicing and payments. click the chat icon on the right of this page to start your conversation.

Please note Kay is available for Vodafone entities of Germany, Ghana, Group, Ireland, Italy, Malta, New Zealand, Spain, the UK and VPC at the moment – so she won’t be able to answer questions relating to other Vodafone entities for the time being.


our taulia and ariba einvoicing solutions enable you to submit invoices electronically in real time, track their progress, and in case of taulia to request early payment via supply chain financing.

check below which solution is available for suppliers of your vodafone entity. if you’d like to know more about these solutions, or to enrol please send an email to our respective business support team via email or via supplier digital portal (sdp)*:

Vodafone EntitiesTauliaAribaSupport
Czech Republic
New Zealand[email protected]
South Africa

*For further information, please refer to the Invoice Guide for Germany below. If you would like to know more about Supplier Digital Portal, please see the following and please refer to the SDP Guide for Suppliers

If you need any help or support with using Ariba, please visit the .
hg0088管理 If you need any help or support with using Taulia, please visit the .  


hg0088管理the easiest and quickest way to send your invoices to vodafone is to use our einvoicing solutions, taulia or ariba. for more information refer to einvoicing section above. if you’re unable to use taulia or ariba, please make sure that your invoice is compliant with vat requirements, contains all required and correct data. for further guidance, please refer to the below guides.

hg0088管理a note on the information we hold about you...

we take looking after your data seriously but we need your help to ensure its correct and up to date.  if you change your bank details let kay know and she’ll help you to contact the right team.

Please note conversations with Kay may be recorded for training and quality purposes. For more information on how we handle your personal data please refer to our privacy policy.

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