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Report a Vulnerability

Reporting Vulnerabilities

We value the expertise and help of the cyber security community in helping us maintain our high security standards. You can use this site to report any suspected security vulnerabilities related to our services or products.

If you are aware of a vulnerability that could affect Vodafone’s services or products, please contact us through our Responsible Disclosure email address, listed on this page under “How to Report a Vulnerability”. Our security specialists will review all submissions and, where required, work with you to make sure we are able to fix any potential issues as quickly as possible.

Rules of Engagement

Vulnerability Disclosure Policy Guidelines

as a responsible member of the cyber security community, your expertise can help us fix potential issues faster and more effectively. if you find a suspected vulnerability relevant to vodafone, please let us know so we can fix the problem as soon as possible.

Finder Responsibilities:

  • hg0088管理do email your findings using the vodafone responsible disclosure report format below.

  • do exercise caution and restraint with regard to personal data and do not intentionally engage in attacks against third parties, social engineering, denial-of-service attacks or spamming or otherwise causing a nuisance to other users.

  • hg0088管理do provide proof-of-concept or sufficient information to enable reproduction of the vulnerability, so that it can be verified, reproduced, and possible remedies identified. generally, identification of the vulnerable target, a description of the vulnerability and operations carried out to exploit the vulnerability are sufficient, but more details and information might be required in the case of complex vulnerabilities.

  • hg0088管理do not abuse the vulnerability by causing disruption through your actions.

  • hg0088管理do not share information about the vulnerability with others until it has been resolved in accordance with the vodafone responsible disclosure policy timeframes.

Vodafone Responsibilities:

  • hg0088管理respond within 24 business hours to all submitted reports with acknowledgement of initial receipt of the vulnerability.

  • provide an update to the finder within 5 business days with an initial appraisal of the information provided by the finder.

  • treat submitted reports confidentially and will not share the finder’s personal details with third parties without their authorisation, unless required in order to do so to comply with legal obligations.

  • resolve all submitted reports as quickly as possible.

  • hg0088管理vodafone do not operate a bug bounty or hall of fame programme.

Non-qualifying vulnerability submissions

  • 404 http page errors

  • hg0088管理banner disclosures

  • hg0088管理ssl/tls insecure ciphers

  • missing http security headers

  • hg0088管理trace/options http methods enabled

  • logout csrf

  • clickjacking attacks

  • hg0088管理public files or directories disclosure (readme.html, robots.txt, sitemap.xml)

  • hg0088管理secure and httponly cookie flags

Reporting other non-vulnerability issues

If you want to report any other type of issue not related to security, please refer to the support or contact pages of the relevant Vodafone Local Market, Vodafone Partner Market or Vodafone Business website.

How to Report a Vulnerability

Please help us by providing as much information as possible about the problem you have discovered. If you have not yet done so, please remember to review our rules and guidelines previously announced before submitting the information by email to [email protected]

We would appreciate if you could please use the following format on the email to help us better process submissions.

Name of researcher/entity

Summary and Description:

hg0088管理(we suggest that you include as much information as possible so we can verify the vulnerability)

  • name of vulnerability

  • hg0088管理date discovered

  • hg0088管理system affected

  • brief description of vulnerability

  • steps to reproduce

  • other details you wish to share

Proof of concept and support material should be attached as PDF

Contact name and surname

Email for further communications

Phone number (optional)

Vodafone recommend that all responsible disclusure submission are encrypted, but use of encryption is at the disscretion of the finder.

PGP details