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Our strategy

We are a converged communications technology leader, enabling the digital society.

our strategic priorities are to extend our competitive advantage and improve returns. this will be achieved by deepening customer engagement, transforming our operating model and improving asset utilisation. our strategy is supported by our responsible approach to sustainable business, governance, risk management, people and culture. it exists to create value for society and shareholders through a clear focus on operational excellence and organic growth.

Deepening customer engagement

improving loyalty and driving revenue growth in all three customer segments.

Europe consumer

We aim to drive growth in the European consumer segment by developing deeper customer relationships.

African technology leader

We see a significant opportunity to grow in digital and financial services in Africa.

Vodafone Business

Our strategy is to drive growth by cross-selling NGN fixed, IoT, and Cloud services to our business customers.

Transforming our operational model

hg0088管理for greater efficiency and agility

Digital first

Radical simplification

Leverage Group scale

Improving asset utilisation

with sustained network leadership

Capital smart infrastructure partnerships

Leading gigabit networks

Scaled platforms and partner of choice

hg0088管理vodafone owns a number of commercial platforms with world-leading scale, making us a partner of choice in each of these areas.

TV + distribution

hg0088管理europe’s leading tv and content distribution platform.

22M TV customers

My Vodafone app

Loyalty and customer engagement.

50M customers

IoT solutions

Leading global IoT platform.

103M SIMs


Africa’s largest payment platform.

42M customers

More about Vodafone

Our purpose

learn more about how we connect for a better future.

About Vodafone

hg0088管理learn more about our company, our purpose and what we offer to customers.